Export my contacts in Google Ads Customer Match

What are the benefits?

The objective is to increase your brand exposure on the Google network (Search, Gmail, YouTube) and to maintain the delivery of your personalized messages to your audience of known prospects if consent is explicit.

Dialog Insight offers to export manually your contacts to the Google platform.

To do so 

1. Configure the file format

To save time, Dialog Insight allows you to create a file format. This allows you to respect the types of standards imposed by certain platforms such as Google in terms of: headers, fields, encoding and file format. It also saves you from exporting unnecessary information, since this way the export is already cleaned up.


Example of the fields requested by Google :


Field name







4Last name




Postal code


1. To do so, go to Configuration => Contacts => File formats

2. Click New Format.

3. Name your format (e.g. Google Ads).

4. Indicate the Number of header rows (usually 1).

5. In the fields section, add all the fields that are necessary.

6. Click Save when you are finished making your selection. 

2. Target your audience

Unless you make changes to the file format, the first step is only required the first time. Afterward, proceed directly to the creation of your target audience, using the group tool.

  1. Go to the contact area of the main menu, and click on Group.
  2. Click on Create a group to start building the list of contacts you will export.
  3. Use simple or advanced mode to create the group with criteria that match the people you want to target on the Google Network.
Important: putting a criterion on the explicit consent of your contacts is essential to comply with data protection laws here and elsewhere. 

4. Once your group is complete, click   to display the list of eligible contacts for your group.

5. Then click on Export.

  • In the content of the export, check Use the following format: and choose the format that you have created. 
  • Make sure that the chosen format is .CSV

6. Then click on Continue to download your file. 

Practical advice: 

  • 1000 contacts: must be matched at least to access Google services
  • 180 days: maximum time frame for keeping contacts 
  • 50%: average recognition (matching) with email/cell phone numbers (depending on your industry)
  • Unsubscribe: the link must appear on your campaigns.

Here is a sample configuration guide for Google Ads Customer Match, subject to change by provider, which you can use to configure this portion

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