Configuring Email Authentication (Sub-Domain Delegation)

Configuring your account starts with Email Authentication which includes different protocols. To authenticate your emails, you must delegate us sub-domains. Dialog Insight will then set up for you DKIM signature, SPF protocol and DMARC politic. 

If this solution does not suit your needs, you could add your domains by your own in the configuration interface of your account (you must have knowledge on domains and authentication protocols work). 

Step 1: Choose Sub-Domains

Sending Sub-Domain
Choose a subdomain that will be used ONLY for your mailings (hyperlinks and senders). We suggest you add a "c" for communication in front of your domain name. (e.g.,

Return Email
Select the email address to forward the answers of your customers. When a customer answers one of your messages, it first passes through our server, which then forwards it to the return address you will provide us. This existing address should be linked to one of your inboxes and should not be used to send your messages.

Step 2: Delegate the Sub-Domains

Send us the sub-domains adresses (choosen in step 1) to Dialog Insight at with Sub-Domain Delegation as the subject.

Step 3: Set the NS Entries

Dialog Insight will then send you four NS entries. Your IT team will have to add these entries and authorize us to configure the subdomain for you. Once the NS entries are set on your end, just let us know so we can configure everything.

You are now done with the basic configurations for email authentication. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!


Once the configuration is completed, you will benefit from the following (you don't have to do anything more, we do it for you):

  • Personalized domain name for your messages that will give confidence to your customers.
  • DKIM key to sign and ensure the delivery of your emails.
  • SPF protocol.
  • Implementation of a DMARC policy.
  • Shared IP addresses for your account. If you wish to use a dedicated IP address, we will send you further instructions.

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