Viewing an A/B Split Campaign

There are a few reasons why you might want to view a campaign:

  • to see the campaign's progress,
  • to see the results of each different messages sent as part of the campaign, or
  • to identify the most efficient message, in terms of clicks and views.

You can view both current and closed campaigns. To view an archived campaign, you need to reactivate it so it displays again in the list of closed campaigns.

PrerequisiteTo be able to view an A/B Split campaign, there must be at least one mailing.
Note : If no mailing were done, no page will show and you will remain on the list page.
Access PathThere are two ways to view a campaign:
  • To display the results of an A/B Split campaign - > Campaigns > A|B Split
  • To display the detailed results of the campaign - > Results > EMail > Campaigns option

 How To

  1. In the list of current or closed campaigns, select the campaign you wish to view and click Edit.
  2. Displaying A/B Split Campaign Results

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