Creating a Scoring System for the Contacts

The tool Scoring is used to give a score in the form of points to your contacts points according to criteria you define in order to determine the value of each contact. These criteria can be related to aspects such as actions or behaviors (engagement).

Step 1: Define the Criteria

First, go to Audience -> Targeting, then click Go to Scoring interface:On the left, there are criteria to determine the scoring of your contacts. Choose the criteria and drag them to the center space:For more details, consult the criteria list.  

You could also start with a template by clicking Activate based on template. The offered templates can be edited. You can modify the criteria, delete them or add new ones.  

In the criterion window, specify the searched value and the number of points to assign to contacts who meet this criterion:

You can add an alternative criterion to an existing criterion. The OR icon displays upon mouse-over of the related criterion. For instance, if you want to give 10 points to contacts who have subscribed to your newsletter OR to your promotions, you will set these two criteria as alternates and only 10 points will be assigned for meeting either criterion, and not 20 points if a contact is subscribed to both.

Tip: You can add a Group as a criteria to give points. 

Step 2: Define the Score Presentation

Go to Presentation and select the way to display the score in the project (contact profile, groups, message editor):Distribute the total number of possible points to the different levels of the score. The total of points appears in the upper right.

Presentation formats

The score takes the form of starts, from 0 to 5 stars. You must define how many points is need to get each number of stars. A default distribution is already set, but you can change it as needed.

The score is shown as a thumbs up or down image. The default distribution is set à 51% for thumbs up.
Numeric value

The score is shown as its real value, that is the sum of all points for met criteria.

Step 3: Configure the Calculation

Calculation is necessary for the Scoring to be updated in the contacts' profile, in groups and in the message editor. 

You can make a manual calculation under Score calculation by clicking Calculate now:

You could also come back later to make a manual calculation when needed. 

You could also programm a calculation in the Automatic Calculation section by specifying the the calculation frequency and time(s) as well as the application time zone:If you want specific users to be notified in case of an error, click Add to choose which ones


Once Scoring is functional, you can use it to:

  • Generate statistics to get an insight of your contacts' engagement.
  • Target contacts according to their scoring.
  • Personalize the content in your message according to the recipient's scoring
    In the message edition, click the personalization icon next to the content to personalize:In Dynamic content, select Score and indicate the score value:
  • Display the recipient's score in a message
    In the message edition, click the content block where you want to insert the contact's score, then click the personalization icon:In Fields, select the administrative field for Scoring: 
  • Display conditional content according to the recipient's score
    If you want to show a content that appears only if the contact has a certain score, follow these steps:In this example, the contact needs to have a score of 5 or more to see that content.

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