Generating a Subject Line for an Email Using AI Assistant

The subject of an email is a decisive element for recipients to open the message. It can be a demanding task to find a catch line. The subject line assistant can help you find it by generating suggestions.

Step 1: Generate Content

When creating a new email, click Add a subject:

In the assistant window, describe your campaign and click the purple button to generate suggestions:

Indicate details such as the campaign's objective, the type of message (newsletter, promotion), the target audience and the tone to use. You could also ask the assistant to add emojis. For more recommendations on how to write your prompt, see our blog.

Step 2: Validate your Choice

The assistant presents you with 3 options. If these options are not suitable, you can click Generate (purple button) to get new results either by using the same prompt or by modifying it. Make sure the content is not considered spam (forbidden terms, excessive punctuation, etc.). Quality content improves deliverability.   

Click the subject line you want to use:The subject line will automatically be inserted in the subject of the email. You can still modify it manually if needed.

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