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A notification feed allows account users to create and subscribe to notification emails for errors in all or a project. These emails allow recipients to quickly react to mistakes and fix them before becoming an issue like lost data or lowering engagement. For example, if an error occurs in the processing of an email, the user can correct it and relaunch the campaign, creating a seamless experience for the contact. 

How to use Notification Feeds

There are two ways to use notification feeds

1. Subscribe to an existing feed

Dialog Insight configures by default two feeds, one for all processing errors and another for all alerts related to the account managements. To subscribe to one of these feeds, the user can go on the page and click Subscribe on the desired notifications. 

2. Create a personalized notification feed 

The generic feeds may be too broad for your use of the platform, you may therefore want to select the notifications relevant to you by doing +Add. This button will open a menu to configure the name, type, project and recipients of your new feed. Once you press Create your personalized feed will appear in the list.

A personalized feed applies only to one or all projects, consequently if you want notifications for more than one project you must create multiple feeds.

Note : You can modify a feed, but the changes will apply to all the subscribers. Therefore, if you wish to change the notifications you receive, we recommend creating a separate feed.

Types of notification

The following list contains the objects for which you can configure notifications. We will continue to add more to this list. 

Processing Errors

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Mobile Push
  • Web Push
  • Marketing Automation
  • Automatic Imports
  • Log Exports
  • Automatic Exports 
  • Score
  • Personas
  • Custom Task

Account Management Alerts

  • SMS Budgets

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