General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR will come into force on May 25, 2018, it governs consent and data security. The most important impact of this regulation on communications by email is the fact that it is now necessary to obtain a positive act of subscription to transmit emails. 

This consent is called explicit and requires that the contact gives their direct agreement to receive your communications through a subscription form, completed during a telephone conversation or in person. The burden of proof rests with the sender of the message. He must be able to confirm at the time of sending that he did indeed have consent. 

To facilitate the management of this consent, Dialog Insight offers:   

Management of subscriptions and unsubscriptions 

The subscription management module is offered as an option and must be activated to have access to it. Activating this module offers the possibility of creating specialized fields in a project to manage the subscription preferences of contacts. Once this module is activated, it is possible to define subscription rules for each of your communication types to automatically control which contacts are eligible to receive the associated messages. As a result, unsubscribing a contact from a message will only affect the subscription to the associated communication type instead of completely unsubscribing the contact. This module allows you to keep the complete history of all contacts' subscriptions and unsubscriptions. See the following section for more information: Create a Consent Center

Other Solutions

In addition to this consent center, Dialog Insight helps you retrieve the consents of your contacts via:

With regard to data security, data hosting is available in France or Canada (country recognized by the EU), in a highly controlled environment respecting SOC 2, type 2 standards and including standard contracts on the respect for data confidentiality.

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