Configure the event registration form


Infos: A form template, with defined fields and texts, is offered so you can work faster. Personalize the form to your needs by adding your company logo or brand, the name and description of the event, as well as any other necessary information. If you want to collect more information, you will need to add new input fields using the Form configuration page.

How to

Open the registration page

  1. Click on the image of the registration form .
  2. If not done yet, you need to adapt and personalize the form according to your specific needs, by adding, editing or deleting content. See this article for full details
  3. Click on Form configuration tab and see related article. 
  4. Define how contact information is updated for a contact already in the database
  5. Click on Save
  6. To add a section or new fields, see related articles

Additionnal information

*Types of information update

Update OptionDescription
Complete the profileOnly the new information provided during registration will be added to the contact's profile. Therefore, if a phone number already exists in the profile and one is provided during registration, it will not be saved and overwrite the phone number already in the profile.
Update profileAll the information provided during registration will be registered in the profile. So if a phone number is provided during registration, it will overwrite the one in the profile, if one exists, or be added to the profile if there was none.
Ignore changesThe information provided during registration will not be saved in the existing contact's profile, but new contacts will be created thus.

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