Although Dialog Insight's online releases should not affect your account, some changes may have an impact on your use of the platform.

Check this article regularly to stay informed of these changes.

October 23rd

Communication types: managing opt-out requests per channel

A section will be added to the configuration of a communication type to help you better manage opt-out requests on separate channels. Thus, upon receipt of a spam complaint, your contacts can be added to the kill file of the channel from which the complaint was made (email or SMS), without being deactivated and unsubscribed from the other channels' communications.

However, contact deactivation management following a complaint must be activated for your project. This activation is done upon request. For more information, see Efficient Configuration of Authorized Channels.

Marketing automation: duplicating scenarios

It is now possible to duplicate scenarios, whether in preparation or active.

October 7th

SMS: additions to the list of supported countries and numbers

We now support countries in South America, Africa and Asia, which could have an impact on the eligibility of some contacts to receive your SMS messages.

For more information, see Supported Number Formats for Sending SMS Messages. The new countries will be added to this list.

July 2nd

Groups: viewing eligible contacts by subscription

In the edit page, one link, per channel, will be available to open a page displaying eligible contacts broken down by explicit opt-in fields. For more information, see Creating a Group of Contacts.

June 25th

Exports: obtaining the IP addresses of the contacts who opened your emails

When Geolocation is enabled on the IP address in your project, you can obtain this data in your exports (manual and automated). This data will be added after the current administrative fields.

June 17th

Web push: additions of browsers and JavaScript functions

In order to improve the reach of your web push notification campaigns, the platform now supports Microsoft Edge (version 17+) and Opera browsers (see the complete list of supported browsers).

We have also added new JavaScript functions to let you easily manage the subscription and action confirmation options on your website. To discover them, see Integration with your site.