Defining a Static File Format for a Scheduled Import

When planning a scheduled import, one of the mapping mode available consists in using a static file format. This file format tells the system in which field each column of the file must be imported. Note however that if you change the file to import, you will also need to adjust the file format to the changes, so that columns and fields match perfectly.

PrerequisiteYou must have selected this option when configuring the scheduled importSee Configuring a Scheduled Import
Access Path > Configuration > Imports / Exports

 How To

  1. Once you are on the import configuration page, go to the File format page.
  2. In the Header section, indicate the number of header line are found in the file to import, so that these lines are not imported as contact values.
  3. In the Column mapping section, indicate which column goes in with field. Mapping is done in the same order as the columns in the file; for example, if the 1st column in the file contains the first name of contacts, you will choose the field First Namein the list of field.
    1. Once the field is selected, click on Addto that this field is added as the target field in the table.
      • Another way of doing is to select all the fields in which you want to import the file data, by clicking Add after each selection. Once all the fields are placed in the table, you need to place them in the same order as the file column by dragging them to the right order using the arrow icon .
      • If you import a date, you will also need to specify the format of this date, so it is imported in the same format as the date field in the project.
    2. If there is a file column you do not want to import, you just need to leave this row empty, by dragging an empty row at its place.
  4. Make your that the order of the fields is exactly the same as the order of the columns; if this is not the case, the values in the columns will not be imported in the right fields.

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