Viewing mobile push notification results

The mobile push notification result page allows you to see if notifications you sent have been delivered, and opened, and to see the list of contacts associated with each result.

Access Path
 > Results > Mobile push

How To

  1. Indicate what you want to display, either individual notifications, or sendings.
  2. If you need to limit the number of results, apply filters as needed.
  3. From the list of notifications, or sendings, select the one for which you want to see results.

  4. Hover the mouse cursor over a result line to see its details, and click on the ligne to display the list of corresponding contacts.
    The results show the following information:
    • Delivery
      This line displays the number and percentage of errors and successful deliveries from the Google and Apple notification push services.
      Note: These results indicate whether the notification has been successfully sent or not, but not whether the recipient saw the notification.
    • Openings
      This line displays the number and percentage of notifications opened. Your application must be programmed to send us this information.

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