Duplicating a Project

Duplicating a project lets you quickly create a new project by copying an existing one. The duplicated project has the same parameters and database structure as the source project; the only difference is that it does not include any contacts.

Access Path
> > All projects 

How To

  1. In the list of projects, select the project to copy and click Duplicate.
  2. The edit window opens and shows the name and description of the source project, preceded by Copy (x) of. This project has the same languages, fields, sections and opt-out or and complaint behaviors, which can all be edited. More info...Editing the Parameters of a Project
  3. Give the project a new name and new labels pour for all languages.
  4. Once the parameters are set, you are ready to edit the project data and structure, the same way you would when you edit any other project. Various changes can be done:
    Adding, Editing or Deleting a Field 
    Adding or Deleting a Section 
    Defining Opt-Out and Complaint Default Behaviors 
  5.  Once all changes were made, the project is ready to be built, so it can be used, by clicking on Build tables. More info...Building a Project  

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