Configuring the Score & System

Configuring the score system consists in defining the number of points you wish to assign to certain actions in order to see who are your most valuable contacts. It is entirely up to you to decide the basis of this score.

PrerequisiteFor the score to be calculated for your contacts, you must define the criteria to use, the point distribution and the format of the score.
Access Path > Configuration > Contacts > Score

 How To

The Score page is the default page and shows the criteria set to establish the score.

Define the score foundation
  1. In the left pane, select the criterion you wish to use to set your score and drop it in the central pane.

  2. In the definition window, specify the searched value and the number of points to assign to contacts who meet this criterion.

  3. Once the criterion is defined, click Save.
  4. If you wish to assign the same number of points to one criterion OR another, of the same type, you don't want the points to add up if a contact meets more than one criterion. In such a case, you should add an alternate criterion to an existing one. The OR icon displays upon mouse-over of the related criterion. For instance, if you want to give 10 points to contacts who have subscribed to your newsletter OR to your promotions, you will set these two criteria as alternates and only 10 points will be assigned for meeting either criterion, and not 20 points if a contact is subscribed to both.

Criteria Description
ProfileTo assign points based on information found in the contact profile.
Opt-insTo assign points to contacts who have subscribed or not to a given communication type.
Relational dataTo assign points based on information found in a custom table in the project.
Contact sourceTo assign points based on how contacts were created. It is also possible to use a specific period.
GroupTo assign points to contacts that are part of a given group. For instance, you could have a group composed of your most active contacts (those who have received and clicked in at least one message in 2015) and assign 5 points to contacts in this group.

Sent messagesTo assign points to contacts based on their action with a given message, such as if the message was sent, delivered, viewed, clicked or in error.
Mobile viewsTo assign points based on the device/platform last used by contacts to open a message.
ContestsTo assign points to contacts who have entered or not a given contest, or who have won.
EventsTo assign points to contacts based on their action with a given event, such as if they registered, attended or confirmed and not their registration.
SurveysTo assign points to contacts who have started or completed a given survey.
ScenariosTo assign points to contacts who are affected by a given scenario that is in progress or completed.
  1. Once you have added all the criteria that will add points to the score, you need to choose the format of the score.
Define the score format
  1. Go to the Presentation page and start by choosing how you want the score to display in the application (contact card, groups, message editor).
Possible score formats

The score takes the form of starts, from 0 to 5 stars. You must define how many points is need to get each number of stars. A default distribution is already set, but you can change it as needed.
Thumbs up / Thumbs down

The score is shown as a thumbs up or down image. The default distribution is set à 51% for thumbs up.

The score is shown as its real value, that is the sum of all points for met criteria.
  1. Distribute the total number of possible points to the different levels of the score.
  2. Click on Continue to go to the calculation step, which is required to actually calculate the score and have it displayed in the contact profile, groups and message editor.
Calculate the score
  1. In the Calculation page, click on Calculate now.

It is important to know that the score is displayed in the application when the first score calculation is performed; it is therefore important to perform this first calculation, even if you have set an automatic calculation each week. If a first calculation is not done, no score will be shown.

  1. In the Automated calculation section, specify the calculation frequency and time(s) as well as the application time zone.
  2. If you want specific users to be informed if an error occurs, select the desired users in the related section.
Where is the Dialog Insight score shown in the application?

Once the score has been calculated, based on the selected format, it will show in the following locations:

  • Contact card - Score displayed in the top part of the window, under the contact's name.
  • Group - Score displayed when defining a criterion based on the score. The available choices depend on the configuration of the score.
  • Message editor - Score displayed when defining dynamic content based on the score.

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