Adding a Contact Manually

Adding a contact manually is useful to quickly add one contact or a few contacts to a project instead on importing them. This procedure is most commonly used to add a few contacts in a project to perform mailing tests.

Access Path > Contacts > Add

How To

  1. The Add a contact page shows all the fields created for the project. Enter all the necessary information about the contact, making sure you provide at least information for the fields composing the primary key and the required fields.
  2. Once data entry is complete, click on Add contact or on Add contact & new to immediately add another contact.
  3. When the contact is created, the related information card is displayed and the information you just entered are shown under the Profile section.

Manual modification of a contact in the application is rarely used since any manual change will be overwritten in the event of a subsequent import of contacts if the change has not also been made in the file to be imported.

Manual modification is less risky if one of the fields making up the unique key is modified. Indeed, as it is the unique key that is used to determine if a contact must be added or modified during an import, if the key has been changed, the contact will not be overwritten on import. 

Access Path
> Viewing a Contact's Profile

How To

  1. Begin by searching for the contact you wish to modify by specifying the necessary information and click on Search. More infos... Searching for Contacts
  2. Once the search results are displayed, double-click on the contact name to modify or select the contact name and click on the Details button to display the contact card. 
  3. Once in the contact file, make the desired modification in one of the fields of the Profile menu. 
  4. Click Save. 

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