The SPF protocol is automatically used by Dialog Insight, who uses its own domains for this specific purpose and publishes the proper records
for these domains. You therefore have no configuration to perform to comply with the SPF protocol, unless you use a dedicated IP address
when sending emails. In such a case, we will provide you with the required configuration to implement.

SPF (acronym for Sender Policy Framework) is a protocol that determines whether an email comes from a server authorized to use a particular domain name to deliver emails, by comparing its IP address with a list of addresses published in the DNS of the domain of the SMTP envelope of the email.

The following diagram provides a visual overview of how it works.

The SMTP envelope is like the return address on a postal envelope: it is an address that is potentially different from the address indicated in the header of the letter contained in the envelope.

The configuration of the SPF protocol is optional since Dialog Insight supports the default SPF if you send from our shared addresses.

If you use dedicated IP addresses, or if you want the emails sent to our shared addresses to be more directly linked to your domain for reputation management, then our technical team can help you configure the SPF.

As for DKIM, it will then be necessary to send our technical team the list of sending domains you use and DNS entries will be provided to you in return. Once the entries have been made and validated, the configuration will be activated by our team.