By adding blackout dates to your scenarios, you can define dates on which marketing automation actions will not be performed. Therefore, if you don't want messages to be sent on summer weekends for instance, you can select all Saturdays and Sundays in June, July and August as blackout dates.

Selection blackout dates is very simple, just click in the calendar to select a date and then define its process and recurrence.

When a blackout date is defined, all the actions planned for this date will be either reported before or after the date, depending on the chosen preference.

The Blackout dates section lets you easily select your dates, see and edit the next occurrences and display a list of all the blackout dates you have set.

Depending on whether the blackout date falls on the day the scenario is launched or on a subsequent step, processing will slightly be different.


  • If the blackout date occurs on the launch day, only the launch step will be postponed, as the subsequent steps will executed on the number of specified days following the initial launch date. Consequently, if steps are occurring every day, two steps could occur on the same day.
  • If the blackout date occurs on any step other than the launch step, the affected step will be either postponed one day or moved one day ahead, depending on the set option, and so will the subsequent steps, as per the planned delay. However, in the case of subsequent steps, two steps can NEVER occur on the same day. Therefore, if a step is to be moved ahead as per the blackout date configuration, and it falls on the same day as the step before, it will be postponed to one day later instead of one day before.

*It is important to know that blackout dates only apply to scenarios that were created when this option was available.

It is important to know it might be impossible for an action to be performed before the blackout date, one example being tha the new date is in the past. In addition, starting a scenario can ONLY be reported after, never before the blackout date.


PrerequisiteThe marketing automation module must be enabled.
Access Path > Campaigns > Marketing automation

 How To

  1. In the Marketing automation window, open the Blackout dates section if no dates have yet been defined. Otherwise, this section will already be visible.
  2. In the calendar, just click on the date you want to be ignored in your scenarios.
  3. When you click on a date, a window opens to let you define the date's name, recurrence and process.
Field Descriptions
Field NameDescription
NameIt is suggested to give a name to your date, especially if you have several dates. For example, you should have Christmas instead of December 25.
DateThe blackout date.
CategoryBy default, a blackout date is applied to all scenarios and all scenario categories, unless categories have been applied to some scenarios and dates.
If you want to apply a blackout date to only one or a few scenarios, you must assign a category to those scenarios and then apply the blackout date only to this category.
RecurrenceIndicates if the blackout is unique or repetitive.
  • Unique date - The blackout will occur only once.
  • Repeat each week, month, year - This option lets you define a recurrent blackout, that can repeat itself non stop, or end after a number of times or on a specific date. It is important to select the date on which the recurrence starts.
    For example, you might want to always prevent messages to be sent on Christmas day. In such a situation, you would select December 25 as the date, and then choose to repeat the blackout every year, with no expiration.
Process preferenceIndicates whether the planned action on this date will be processed after the blackout date or before, if before is possible. Note that the starting date of a new campaign can never be processed before the its set date.
  1. Once definition is complete, click on Add.
  2. You can see all the set blackout dates by clicking on View all dates in the Blackout dates section.
  3. You can also view the next 5 blackout occurrences in the right-hand side of the Blackout dates section.