Create a connected app in Salesforce

In order to use the integration between the Dialog Insight platform and Salesforce you will have to create a new connected application in Salesforce.

This will provide you with the two keys required to configure a third-party authorization in the configuration of an integration source in DI.

Step 1: Create a new connected app

Go to your Salesforce platform.

Click on the gear at the top right of the screen.

Select the Setup option.

When the new page is displayed, click on App Manager which is located under the Apps tab of the PLATFORM TOOLS menu.

Click on the New Connected App button at the top right of your screen.

Step 2: Create the connected application

In the displayed page, you must enter the information necessary to create the connected application.

Enter a name for the connected application as well as an API name and the email address of the person responsible for Salesforce.

You will then be ready to define the OAuth configurations.

Click the Enable OAuth Setting checkbox.

You must enter an address in the Callback URL text box.

The address entered in the callback URL field will be used to redirect the user after entering their Salesforce username in the window that will appear after requesting authorization on the DI platform.

Then select the OAuth scopes you want.

You will find via this link a description of the different OAuth scopes: Salesforce OAuth Scopes

Finally, select the following check boxes.

Require Secret for Web Server Flow

Require Secret for Refresh Token Flow

Click the Save button.

Steps 3: Retrieve the consumer's key and secret

Once the creation of the connected application is complete, click on the Continue button.

A page with the details of the new application will be displayed.

Copy the following keys:

Consumer key

• Consumer Secret

Step 4: Copy the key and secret to the DI platform

When creating a new authorization in DI, you must enter a name for the authorization.

Enter your Salesforce Consumer Key into the ClientID and the Salesforce Consumer Secret into the Client Secret.

Press the Authorize access button.

A window will appear asking you to enter your Salesforce ID.

When finished, click the Continue button.

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