Creating a project consists in defining the fields to retrieve information about your contacts.

Access Path
 >  >  New project

How To

Creating a project involves multiple steps, which need to be performed with caution as this is the basis of your database.

Step 1 - Set project parameters

This is where you identify the project with a name and labels, indicate how to handle duplicate contacts, and choose the basic fields to hold your contact information.

Step 2 - Add project fields

In addition to the fields created by default, you can add as many fields as you need to hold all the information about your contacts. There are predefined and custom fields.

Step 3 - Organize fields and sections

You can organize the project's fields and sections as you want. You can group fields under various sections, to better find them and to group similar information. You can also move fields and sections around just by dragging them to the desired location.

Step 4 - Define available languages

This is where you select the languages in which you want to display certain elements of the application, for example the fields you add.

Step 5 - Define applicable time zone

Select the time zone to be used in planned mailings, automated tasks and marketing automation scenarios.

Step 6 - Define field availability

Decide which fields are to be displayed in various pages of the application, as you might not need to display all fields everywhere.

Step 7 - Build project

This is the final step where the structure of the project is actually created.