This article explains why and how to add Dialog Insight servers to your whitelist.

In the course of your normal use of the Dialog Insight platform, you are bound to repetitively send the same email to internal addresses, for testing a newsletter for example.

Whether it is to perform tests when preparing emails, or to send automated notifications as part of a workflow (for example, when a contact subscribes), these scenarios generate high speed emails, often to the same address, and with almost identical content.

It is possible that your mail servers may see these repetitive emails as spam and block them.

It is also possible that your anti-spam systems recognize the sender's address as one they usually control and therefore consider inappropriate that an external email comes from one of these addresses.

To avoid this situation, in your anti-spam systems, it is best to unblock emails from the platform to ensure that they reach their destination.

How to

The exact process to add our servers to your whitelists varies according to the mail servers you use, but the best way to do this is to accept all email that come from ours servers (as per the IP addresses). Dialog Insight currently delivers emails from addresses on the following servers:

  • Canadian platform (
  • French platform (
Note : It would be a very bad idea to configure your systems to automatically accept all emails coming from your own domain name. This is a common error that benefits without fail spammers/phishers who are aware that many systems are badly configured and accept all emails from their own domain without any validation.