Adding Languages to a Project

Adding a language in a project allows you to display some elements in this language, like the labels and description of the fields or the name of sections. For every language, you need to fill in the input of the label or the description, otherwise, the content of the default language will apply. The application display language corresponds to the default available language. In English, the default language is en-US (English-UNITED STATES). In French, the default language is fr-CA (French-Canada).

How To 

Go to Advanced settings

Click on Communication Languages:

To add a language, simply click on this language. If the language you want to use is not available, click on Add language to make a request with the form that will appear. 

The, fill in the label and description inputs of the fields in every language (if needed for your project). When defining a project field, you can specify a label and a description for each available language in the project, but this is not mandatory. If a field label or description is not provided in a language, the information in the default language will be displayed. You may change the input hint as well. Go to the field edition window and add the information for this field:

Change the label of sections of your project (if you wish to display them in another language). When creating a new section, providing a name for each available language is mandatory. If the section already exists, you need to edit it if you do not want other languages' labels to be displayed in the default language.

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