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Segmented Statistics allow you to quickly analyze the performance of your emails by contact types to get a better understanding of the content that works best for different clients. 

You have control over the segments and can choose the level of detail you wish.

How Segmented Statistics Can Help

Segmented Statistics allow you to quickly compare the performance of the message content on different contact criteria. For example, it is possible to create segmented statistics for different age groups which can show insights on the type of content that works best for older and younger people. From those insights, you can further refine your communications to target specific groups allowing you to reach your perfect audience or add extra personalization to your next communication for the contacts that the content was less performant.

How to get Segmented Statistics

Follow these steps to create and use your own DImension for Segmented Statistics.

  1. Create your DImension. Visit this article to find out how to build a DImension
  2. Add the DImension to your communication types (Configuration > Communication Types) or directly in the email (Messages > Email) 
  3. After sending the email, consult the statistics of the message and go in the Segmented Statistics


  • Segmented Statistics cannot be applied retroactively, they must be defined before sending the email
  • Segmented Statistics do not work with single messages like those from Marketing Automation or API deployments
  • Segmented Statistics are not yet available for SMS, Mobile Push or Web Push