An A/X Split is composed of variations, which correspond to the branches containing the actions you are going to insert. An A/X Split is composed of at least two variations, but can have as many as you want. 

A/X Split with 2 variations

1. Set up the beginning of your scenario as you would do for a normal campaign, with triggers, delays, conditions, etc.

2. Insert, wherever you want, the A/X Split node from the nodes menu

3. Select the node to open the right panel and create the variations of your split. 

4. Automatically, 2 variations are present for a total of 50% each by weight. Adjust the percentages if this 50% allocation does not suit you.

5. To do so, click on the pencil 

6. In the popup, edit the existing percentages by hovering over the 3 small dots and clicking on the pencil.

7. In the percentage box, change the proportion using the +/- or by entering the number directly in the box. 

8. Click Save

9. Make sure the total is 100%, otherwise, you will not be able to save.

10. Click Save

Adding more than 2 variations

Once in the pop up Variations

1. Click on Add

2. Name your variant

3. Indicate the percentage you wish to assign to it

4. Click on Save

5. Balance the rest of your variations to get a total of 100% (the system will indicate an error if the total does not match).

6. Then click on Save

The weight of a variation is equal to the probability that one contact passes through it relative to the others. Since it is a probability, the number of contacts per variation may not correspond to the percentage, as it is not a case-by-case attribution.