Optimizing Your Deliverability (Checklist)

When you have a new account at Dialog Insight, it is recommended that you take some actions to build your environment and maintain it as you send emails. By nurturing your deliverability, you will avoid problems that could damage your reputation. This article provides you a checklist to help you to help you remember the essentials of delivrability. 

1. Basic Configurations

To begin with, before sending emails to your contacts, we strongly recommend you carry out the following preparatory configurations.

Email Authenticating (Domain Delegation)
Adding Dialog Insight to Your Whitelist
Adding a Data Protection Officer
Predefining Authorized Senders
Configuring the Delivery Error-Related Quarantine
Warming-Up of the Sender's Reputation

2. Laws and Regulations

Make sure to follow regulations enforced in your operating regions and monitor changes to these laws. This way, you will avoid being flagged as spam. 

Europe: GDPR
Canada: Law C-28

3. Sender's reputation

Although Dialog Insight monitors the addresses of its customers and sends you an alert if major problems are detected, it is recommended that you also monitor your addresses. Following up on your addresses' reputation is a determining factor for the success of your campaigns. A bad reputation harms the delivery of your messages and indicates a deeper problem. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers.   

The following tools, which do not require configuration, are used to monitor your reputation by simply typing your domains or IP in a search bar:  
• Talos Intelligence
• SenderScore
• MxToolBox
• Google Postmaster Tools
This list is not exhaustive. Other tools exist. These platforms can be used as complements for each other. The general public can check your reputation with these tools.

4. Sending Results

Once established, your reputation will not be affected unless important problems occur, such as a high error delivery rate lasting a long period, a high spam complaints rate or problematic contents flagged as spam. 

In Dialog Insight, it is recommended to monitor the following statistics:
Delivery Bounces
Kill File
Clicks and Openings 

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