Integrating your Brand Kit Into your Emails

To add in your emails a logo, colors or visual elements that define your brand, you can use the Brand Kit tool. By creating your reusable brand kit, you don't have to set it up every time you send an email. 

Step 1: Create the Style

To start, go to Brand Kit. In the left pannel, add the visual elements (logo, colors, fonts, buttons styles):When you brand kit is set, click Save, then Publish.

If you add changes later, click Save, then Update (the button will appear in the upper right).

Step 2: Create a Generic Model

To integrate your brand kit, you must use a starting template of Structure type (the other types are not compatibles). We recommend the templates in grey and white as they have very basic style. 

When creating an email, select DI Templates and use the Generic filter: You could also create a reusable template.

Step 3: Apply the Brand Kit

In each email implied, click on Edit next to Brand Kit (under Global configurations):

Then, check Use the brand kit and Save: 


Verify the rendering and add content to the blocks. For more details, see the article on editing an email. You now have an email that displays your corporate colors! 

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