Creating and Publishing an Email Template

Templates can be used to easily and quickly create emails. It is possible to create a template from another template, a message or from scratch.

When a template is finished, make sure to publish it so that it can be used by your users.

Access Path > Configuration > Messages > Templates

How To

Create a Template

When you create a template, you do it in much the same way as you would when you create an email.

  1. You have two ways to get to the template creation
    1. From the email list in the Configure menu, choose Templates and click on Create.
    2. Go to the templates page (access path above) and click on Create.
  2. Identify, assign a communication type and indicate how you want to create your new template.
    • My Templates - These are templates that you have created and published.
    • DI Templates - These are the default templates provided with the application.
    • Blank Email- This is an empty template, with no predefined content. It allows you to paste HTML code created using other software and create a template directly in the HTML editor.
    • Existing Email - To use any of your existing messages as a basis for your new template.
  3. Select the option that suits you and then click on Create. To help you make your choice, hover over the image of the desired template or email and click on the magnifying glass icon to see exactly how it looks like on both a desktop and a mobile.
  4. Once in the editor, insert text, images, buttons, videos, social media links, HTML code to be copied, a countdown timer, a bar code, etc. For more information on how to use the editor, see Creating an Email Using Drag-and-Drop or Creating an HTML Email.

Publish a Template

To publish a template, do the following.

  1. In the editor's toolbar, click on Availability.
  2. In the Template Availability window, click on the Make Available button.
    The options bar will look like this:* If you want to unpublish your template to make changes or to remove it from the available templates, in the window that opens after clicking on Availability, click on the Remove button.

Your template will appear in your templates (My Templates) at the email creation stage.

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