Sending a Test Message

Sending a test message is important as it lets you verify email readability, hyperlink function, and display consistency. When sending a test message, you view the content of the message as it will be received. You can send a test message to only one recipient or to a group of recipients to make sure all is to your satisfaction. The test also provides the ability to validate customization with a specific group or with the entire list of recipients. You can also start by sending a test message to a specific address, like yours, to perform a pre-test. You can also create test groups to use specifically for testing purposes.

Access Path
> Messages > EMail > select a message > Test button
If you are already in the message, in edit mode > Test page

 How To

Define the recipients of the test message

In the Send a test section, define whether you want to send the test to a group or to specific contacts.

  1. You can choose to send a test message to a predefined group, if you have created some before. If so, you just need to select it under the Group tab. If not, you can send the test message to one single person, that you select from the list of the Send this message to field, under the Simple tab.
  2. Click on the Send button related to the selected option.
Verify message personalization elements

If variables have been used in the message to customize some sections, it is important to make sure the customized elements show properly. You can test the customization for a group of contacts or for specific contacts; you can even send these messages to yourself, as it will show to the defined recipients.

  1. In the Send a test section, define whether you want to send the test to a group or to specific contacts.
  2. You can also view more information on the contact in the Contact profile section.
  3. To send customized messages intended to the contacts or group specified to somebody else, change the option Send this message to for Send copies to, and specify your email address or someone else's to validate the test, as well as the number of copies of the message to send. You or the selected person will receive the number of messages indicated, and these messages will be addressed to that many contacts, randomly selected amongst the possible recipients.
    • For example, if you have indicated that you wanted 2 copies, the message will be sent to the indicated person, but with 2 different recipient names.

Verify how the message displays in various applications

To further test your message, you can see how it shows up in the most used inboxes (see Inbox List). The Inbox Preview feature is available on demand and the number of tests that can be performed depends on the selected package. By default, you have one inbox preview test. Contact your account manager to take advantage of this useful feature.

To use this feature:

  1. Open the Inbox preview section.
  2. Click Launch
  3. To see the results of a test that was already performed, click Results.

Verify how the different variations of the messages display

The simulation tool offers the possibility to prepare all the messages to be send as if they were sent for real, but without actually sending them. It serves as a final approbation tool to make sure complex conditions and personalization elements are applied correctly. Performing a simulation is particularly useful for clients who do use a lot of personalization elements and conditions in their messages, as the more there are, the more variants of the message there will be. The simulation result let you see all the possible variants and have error-free messages.

To see how it works, refer to Testing a Message Through Simulation.

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