Viewing Results About Contacts

Results about contacts show information about active and inactive contacts, newly acquired contacts, opt-ins and opt-outs, contact activities and much more. By default, a summary result page is displayed, but various detailed result pages are also available. There are multiple result pages:

  • Summary
  • Contact subscriber status
  • Opt-in and implied consents
  • Acquisitions
  • Opt-in sources
  • Contact list evolution
  • Opt-out sources
  • Retention
  • Engagement
  • Used devices
  • Scoring
  • Personas

Description of a report page

Description of the sections of the result page
Section Description
1 List of available chart pages, displayed by alphabetical order.
2 Date and time of the last update of results.
Refresh icon  that triggers the update of results as of the current date and time. Refreshing results may take several minutes, depending on the load and volume of data.

Even if the update is not completed, you can leave the result page to come back to it later on to see the updated results.

3 Period covered by the results. It is possible to choose amongst the predefined periods or to specify any other period by selecting the Other period option and indicating the type of date range and the start and end dates. This option is not available on the Summary page.
4 For projects using a consent center, it is possible to select a specific opt-in or implied consent to show more precise results.
5 Title of report.
6 Actions available for the chart:
 to view a detailed graphic (if any)
 to export data
 to show a description of the graphic
7 Chart bars are clickable and display a list of related contacts.
8 All legend items are clickable in order to either hide or show the related data in the chart. If the legend contains more than 10 items, or if values are crossed, the legend is replaced by a list option.
9 Option that lets you create a similar chart with values presented differently - by modifying the segmentation, the number of segments shown or the chart title.
Access Path
> Results > Contacts

 How To

By default, it is the summary result page that displays.

  1. If you are viewing another chart, you can return to the summary page by selecting this page in the list of available pages.
  2. If you want to see a different type of result, you just need to select the corresponding page in the list of available pages.
  3. To understand results, consult the Descriptive Table of Contact Results

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