Additional Configurations for Landing Pages

Several additional configurations are available, including for managing and tracking your landing pages.

The following is a description of each of them and links to the associated procedures.

Access Path > Landing pages > Configuration
Domain name
Use your domain to customize the URL of your landing pages (see Using a Custom Domain on a landing Page).
FoldersIf you have a lot of pages, put them together in folders named after the subject in question (see Grouping Landing Pages in Folders).
Custom scripts and 404 error pageCollect more detailed statistics by adding Google Analytics to your pages and customize the content of the 404 error page that will be displayed when your page is not found (see Adding Scripts and an 404 Error Page).
IP filters
Add the IP addresses of visitors you want to exclude from your statistics (see Filtering IP addresses).
Behavioral tracking consent (cookies)

If you use tracking tools and wish to apply data protection measures, it is advisable to configure and display a banner that explains the use of cookies and gives visitors the option to accept or refuse visit tracking (see Displaying a cookie warning banner).

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