Using a Custom Domain on a Landing Page



Access Path
> Landing pages > Configuration > Domain name

Default domain name

When you activate a landing page, you are prompted to specify the page URL prefix.

The default domain name is as follows: a customizable prefix, followed by your company code (automatically set) and the domain name


Personalized domain name

To use landing pages under your own domain name, DNS configuration will be required.


CNAME stands for Canonical Name. CNAME records are part of the DNS (Domain Name System) and are used to associate one page to another via an alias. A CNAME record can associate your domain name to your landing page.

You have to configure a sub-domain (, NOT a sub-folder (

Here are a few good examples:


Configuring a CNAME-type DNS record
The way to create a CNAME record varies according to the web host of your domain name. Your web host will be best suited to give you any clarification required on that matter.

 Below is an overview of how to set up a DNS record:

Canonical Name (CNAME)
Use the information displayed on the platform

Once configured, it might take a few minutes for the data to propagate on all DNS servers of the Internet network.

 Use this tool to check if the CNAME has been correctly set up:

Entering the domain name in Dialog Insight

  1. In the Configuration menu of the landing pages, select Domain name.
  2. Under the Custom Domain section, enter your domain name.
  3. Click Save to validate the domain name configuration.

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