Configuring the Landing Pages Module

Configuration Location

Global configurations for the Landing Pages module are accessible with the Configure menu in the upper right corner:Creating folders can be done by clicking on the folder icon. The procedure to create folders is explained in the configuration list.

Configuration List

Custom Domain Name

A domain name is generated by default, but you could use your domain name to personalize the URLs of our destination pages (see Using a Custom Domain on a landing page).

You could add a favicon to your landing pages. A favicon is the icon displayed in the browser's tab:To add your favicon, upload it in .ico format:


If you have a lot of landing pages, place them together in folders. Folders allow you to group your pages, similarly to a website. However, you can only create one level.

Start by clicking on the folder icon:
Add a folder by giving it an administrative name and a URL that will appear in the links of your pages:The Path in this example generates the following URL:
Create a page inside the folder or move an existing one by clicking on the Change folder button on the right: 


You can add scripts for tracking to your pages. Get detailed statistics by adding a script from Google Analytics or another tracking tool.    

404 Error Pages
When your page is not found, a 404 error page is displayed (in English or in French depending on the language of your landing page). You can create a custom 404 page for all your landing pages.
Start by clicking on Add
When creating a 404 page, start by specifying the language (you can create a page for English and one for French). Then, add content: 

IP filters

Add IP addresses for one or several networks you want to exclude from the visit statistics. Generally, this configuration is used internally to avoid compiling your own visits in the statistics. 

The correct syntax is as follows for each case:

  • A unique IP address (
  • A CIDR network (
  • An address prefix followed by a wildcard character (1.2.3.*)
  • A range of IP addresses (1.2.3-5)
Complete IPxx.xx.xx.xx
Subnet Maskxx.xx.xx.xx/xx
Partial IPxx.xx*
IP address rangexx.xx.xx-x

Add a new line for each IP address:

Behavioral Tracking Consent (cookies)

If you wish to apply data protection measures, it is suggested that you configure and display on your landing pages a banner that explains how you use cookies and provides visitors with the option to either accept or refuse cookies. A predefined banner is offered within Dialog Insight. You can change the text and colors as you see fit. A default form is available, but you can customize it (buttons, texts, colors):

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