In the course of your normal use of the Dialog Insight platform, you are bound to repetitively send the same message to internal email addresses, for testing a newsletter for example.

Whether it is to perform tests when preparing messages, or to send automated notifications as part of a workflow (for example, when a contact subscribes), these scenarios will generate a high volume of messages, often to the same address, and with almost the same content.

And these repetitive messages might be considered as spam by your servers, who might even block them.

It is also possible that your anti-spam systems recognize the sender’s address as one they usually control and therefore consider inappropriate that an external message would originate from one of these addresses.

To facilitate your work, it is suggested that you set up your email filter systems to automatically unblock messages originating from our servers to make sure your tests can be run and sent correctly.

To learn more about the various configurations to perform when a new account is opened, refer to the Complete Initial Account Configuration Guide.