Managing Tags

Assigning tags to various elements of your project makes them easier to find during a global search.When elements have been tagged, the global search will be on the name of the elements as well as the assigned tags. 

It is possible to assign tags to the following elements:

  • Email
  • Email templates 
  • SMS
  • Mobile notifications
  • Mobile notifications types
  • Campaigns(A/B split, multi-segments)
  • Marketing automation scenarios
  • Opt-out and profile update forms
  • Events
  • Contests
  • Lead Generation forms
  • Landing pages 

Tags appear under the element name, or in the Tags section of the Properties tab

How to

Add a tag

  1. When you're in edit mode for an item, locate where the tags appear. 
  2. To add a tag, click the Add button. 
  3. By clicking on the button, you will see a list of other tags that exist in the project. 
  4. You can:
    • choose an existing tag among those displayed in the list.
      The tags displayed are those that already exist in the project, and which have not been assigned to the current element. 
    • create a new tag by typing it directly into the box.
      It will then be added to the list of project tags, and can be assigned to other types of elements.

Remove a tag

  1. Click on the tag's X to unassign it from the item.
    However, the tag remains in the list of project tags. If you ever want to completely remove it, you will have to go through tag management.

Tag management allows you to see the list of all the tags used in your project, to create new ones if you want to create them in advance, and if necessary, to clean up your tags.

Access Path
> Configuration > Categories

How To

Create a new tag

  1. In the Categories, go to the Tags section.
  2. In the Tag listing, click Add.
  3. Enter the name of the tag and click Add.
    The application won't let you create a tag whose name already exist.

Edit a tag

  1. Select the tag to edit, and click Edit.
  2. Make your change to the name.

Delete a tag

  1. Select the tag to delete, and click the delete icon.
    Note that the tag will also be deleted from all the elements it was assigned to.

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