Checking Contacts Listed on the Email Kill File

There are two different kill files in Dialog Insight - one for email messages, and on for SMS messages.

This administrative feature lets you display a list of all the email addresses, or cell phone numbers,  listed on the kill file

For the email kill file

An email address is black listed following one of the following situations:

  • The contact has reported the message as spam or junk email. This is the most common case and the email address is automatically black-listed by the system.
  • When a client requests for an address to be manually put on the black list.

Once a contact is black-listed, no communication can be sent to this person, and that applies for all the projects of that client.

For the SMS kill file

A phone number can be placed in the kill file in different ways:

  • The contact has replied to an SMS with STOP
  • By manually putting a contact on kill file
  • By manually putting a contact on kill file through Account management > Kill file
  • Through import
Have access to the Account Management module.
Access Path
Account Management > Organization > Kill file

How To

Display the kill file

  1. Choose the kill file you wish to display, either Email or SMS.
    The displayed page indicates the number of banned addresses, or phone numbers, listed on the kill file.
  2. To see the list of all addresses or phone numbers, click Complete list.
  3. If the list has a lot of banned addresses or phone numbers, you can use the filter to limit the list or find more specific cases.
    To do so, just enter your criteria in the Filter field and click Search.
    For example, if you want to have a list of all the banned Hotmail addresses, you could use %hotmail% as a filter. The percentage sign - % - indicates that text can be shown, either before or after hotmail.

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