Creating Opt-In Fields


An opt-in corresponds to the explicit consent of a contact to receive your communications. Consent is explicit when a contact performs an action to express an interest in receiving these communications (e.g., fill in an opt-in form). The opt-ins allow you to manage the contacts' preferences for the communication types you define, thus, validating which contacts will receive which messages. The opt-ins are also used to segment the contact lists and to personalize the marketing campaign. 

To enable opt-in for your contacts, you must first create opt-in fields to add them to the contact profile model. Creating opt-in fields is part of the process of setting up a consent centre

Note: Explicit consents are subject to different data protection laws such as law C-28 or the GDPR (there is an exception for Canada about implied consents). These two laws require keeping consent proof. The consent center keeps track for you: a full history of the opt-in and opt-out is kept in the contacts' profile.

How To


At the bottom of a contact's profile, are all the subscription statuses for that contact. When first activated, the opt-ins have neutral status (not subscribed nor unsubscribed). The status changes to Subscribed when opting in, and to Unsubscribed when opting out. When one of these two statuses is assigned, returning to the neutral status is impossible.

Note: If an opt-in is not associated with any communication type, you cannot use it.

In the profile, you can manually change the status of each subscription by clicking on Subscribe or Unsubscribe. Make sure to have the consent of the contact before making a subscription. The opt-in fields are also displayed in the project's field list:

Consult the History

A complete record of all changes in each contact's profile is kept automatically. In the left side menu, in the Consents section, the history displays the preferences evolution of that contact:


An explicit consent does not expire as long as the contact does not request to unsubscribe from the communication (often by clicking on the unsubscribe link in a message). Unsubscribing from a message only affects the subscription to this message instead of deactivating the contact entirely. 

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