Dialog Insight strongly suggests these quick steps to improve your email delivery. It's quick and easy, once done, you don't have to worry about it anymore. Three simple steps on your end and Dialog Insight takes care of the rest:

  1. Choose a subdomain that will be used for your mailings (hyperlinks and senders). We suggest that you add a "C" for communication in front of your domain name. (e.g.: c.yourdomainname.com)
  2. Select the e-mail address to forward the answers of your customers (noreply@nomdedomaine.com)
  3. Forward the DNS entry provided by Dialog Insight to your IT team

Once completed you will benefit from:

  • a personalized domain name for your messages that will give confidence to your customers
  • a DKIM key to sign and ensure the delivery of your emails
  • implementation of a DMARC policy

Click here to learn more about these authentication protocols.

To do this, you need to follow these steps: 

  1. You must create a subdomain that will ONLY be used to send from Dialog Insight. For example, c.domain.ca or email.domain.ca. 
  2. Choose the return address you want to use if ever the contacts to whom you send communications click on "reply". Most of the time, we use a noreply@domain.ca address unless you want to manage the responses on your end. 
  3. Send the information from point 1 and 2 to Dialog Insight atsupport@dialoginsight.com.
  4. Dialog Insight will then send you a very small DNS entry that your IT will have to make to authorize us to configure the subdomain for you. 
  5. Once this DNS entry is made on your end, just let us know so we can start configuring everything. 
  6. Dialog Insight will set up the DKIM, the custom domain and the DMARC before notifying you that everything is ready and configured for you.