Initial account setups can sometimes be complicated to understand and even to do in some cases. However, these configurations remain mandatory to be able to send communications from Dialog Insight. If you want to do these configurations 100% autonomously, you can refer to the following article. If not, you've come to the right place to have it almost completely taken care of for you. 

These configurations will mainly allow you to: 

- Validate your sender domain so that Dialog Insight can send communications on behalf of this domain. For example. In this example, my domain would be 

- Obtain a personalized link that will replace those Dialog Insight generates for the library of links for forms, surveys, landing pages, etc. For example, instead of getting an link when creating a form, you would get This is called a white label.

- Set up a DMARC policy at the level of good practices in the field of digital shipments. 

To do this, you need to follow these steps: 

  1.  You must create a subdomain that will ONLY be used to send from Dialog Insight. For example, or 
  2. Choose the return address you want to use if ever the contacts to whom you send communications click on "reply". Most of the time, we use a address unless you want to manage the responses on your end. 
  3. Send the information from point 1 and 2 to Dialog Insight via your account manager or directly via support at
  4. Dialog Insight will then send you a very small DNS entry that your IT will have to make to authorize us to configure the subdomain for you. 
  5. Once this DNS entry is made on your end, just let us know so we can start configuring everything. 
  6. Dialog Insight will set up the DKIM, the custom domain and the DMARC before notifying you that everything is ready and configured for you.