Validate the campaign

Before activating your campaign, it is important to validate its content to know if it contains errors or incomplete elements.

At the top of the editor, a notification will tell you that your automated marketing includes errors. Click on it to bring up the items in error in the editing area.

Note: For the campaign to be valid, you must make all the required corrections.

Activate the campaign

Once the campaign is valid and complete, click on the activate button. 

Before your scenario is activated, you must complete the popup information that appears to indicate the conditions for processing contacts in your automated marketing. 


Option 1You may decide to loop the contacts into your scenario, even if they are already in a subsequent step.
Option 2Contacts can re-enter the scenario if they have already completed it.
Option 3You determine the maximum number of times a contact can enter your scenario, on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  

Additional options

Before putting it online or afterwards, you can decide to specify other information related to your scenario, by clicking on the additional options identified by: 

A popup will then be opened:

Category: Create a category for your scenarios, or give it blackout dates, which are days when your scenario will not run (e.g. shipments will be delayed). 

Time Zone: The hours and days indicated in your scenario are associated with the time zone of your project. To change this, go to the project settings. 

Campaign parameters: This option is used to give specific parameters to the message of your scenario. We invite you to contact our team to use this option.