Adding a contact to the kill file, or black list, provides the ability to prevent messages from being sent to this contact for the current project as well as for all the client's other projects.

A contact can be placed on a black list automatically when a message is flagged as unwanted ( "Spam" or "Junk") or when unsubscribing, if the related communication type is configured as such. More info...Configuring Communication Types

The other way to put a contact on the black list is to do it manually, as described below.

To be able to put a contact on a black list from the contact information card, you must have the permission to do so as not all users can perform this delicate operation. If you have this permission, the Add to email kill file button will be visible.
Access Path
> Viewing a Contact's Profile

How To

  1. Once the contact information card is displayed, go to the Profile page.

  2. If you are entitled to add contacts to the black list, click on Add to email kill file.
    A black list status icon  will be displayed in the contact's information card.