Editing a domain consists in changing an existing URL address associated to a site, either because the URL has changed or because you have made an error entering it.



PrerequisiteHave a domain already defined.
Access Path > Configuration > Contacts > Journey

 How To

  1. Click on the site for which you want to edit a domain.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the edit icon  shown next to the name of the main domain.
    The number shown in parenthesis indicates the number of domains defined for this site.
  3. In the domain edit window, click on the edit icon  shown next to the domain to edit.
  4. In the edit window of the specific domain, edit the domain as needed.
  5. Click on Save.

  6. If you have added new pages to your site, it is important to copy the entire tracking code on each page you wish to track, just before the end tag of the body </body>.
    Only pages that include the tracking code can be tracked and return results on the source of the visit and the number of visitors in Dialog Insight.