Dialog Insight plugin for Salesforce

It is possible to transfer data on your contacts in your Salesforce platform to Dialog Insight. You must install and configure the plug-in we have developed to synchronize your contact creation and modification data from Salesforce in Dialog Insight in real-time. The synchronization is limited to 1000 contacts a minute.


  1. Open the following link: : Dialog Insight plug-in installation
  2. Once on the web page, the following options will be displayed:
    1. What if the component names conflict with those in this package?
      Choose the Do not install option.
    2. A choice of three user groups for whom to install the plug-in.
      We recommend choosing Install for all users.
  3. Click the Install button. A confirmation will be displayed when the installation is complete.


  1. Add the domain used at Dialog Insight that corresponds to your environment.
    1. Head to the Setup page on your Salesforce platform.
    2. In the search box, enter Remote Site Settings then click on the displayed tab of the same name.
    3. Click on New Remote Site.
    4. Add the Dialog Insight domaine, example « ».
  2. Navigate to the Dialog Insight Configuration page.
  3. Configure DI login information.
    1. Add [domain]/webservices/ofc4in the Domain box where [domain] corresponds to your environment.

      Example, for Canada and for France.

    2. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields :
      1. Dialog Insight Key ID corresponds to Id Key in the Third Party Login configuration page in DI.
      2. Dialog Insight Key corresponds to API Key in the Third Party Login configuration page in DI.
      3. Integration is Integration ID on the third-party connection setup page in DI.
    3. Choose from the drop-down list the DI project to which you want to send the data.
    4. Click the Save & Refresh button.
  4. Configure the fields to sync.
    1. Go to the Contact Fields section of the page.
    2. Add all the fields you want to sync in your DI project using the + icon.
    3. Click on the edit icon (pencil), then select the name of the desired field.
    4. Click on the Save button at the top right of the Contact Fields section.


It is possible to remove the Dialog Insight plugin for Salesforce by following this procedure :

  1. Access the Setup menu of your Salesforce platform
  2. In the search bar, enter Installed Packages then click on the displayed tab of the same name

  3. Click Uninstall on the line referring to the Dialog Insight plug-in.
  4. Once the process is complete, users will receive an email alert.


To update the plug-in version, you must uninstall it and then install it again using the installation link.

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