The operator is used to indicate how the field is connected to the value, that is in which condition the value will be searched.

Operators are used to search contacts, or to create groups of contacts.

Following are the most common operators used, based on the type of data.

Text and Email FieldDate and Numeric FieldTrue/False Field
Is equal
Is equal
Is true (or 1)
Is not equalIs not equalIs false (or 0)
ContainsIs less (smaller) then 
Doesn't containIs less (smaller) then or equal
Starts withIs greater (larger) than 
Doesn't start withIs greater (larger) than or equal 
Ends withIs between 
Doesn't end withIs not between 
Is likeIs empty 
Is not likeIs not empty 
Is empty Is in 
Is not empty Is not in 
Is in

Is not in

Field: Email
Operator: Contains
Field: Invoice
Operator: Is greater than
Value: 5000
Field: Client
Operator: Is true

Operators used to calculate contacts at the time it is used, and not when the group or search criteria are created 

These operatros are very useful as they allow you to calculate the number of corresponding contacts each time the group or search is executed, thus based on a relative date. For example, if you use a criteria with such an operator in a automated marketing scenario, eligible contacts will be recalulcuted each time the scenario is launched.

Operators based on the use date
in the last ...
To target all contacts who have subscribed in the last 6 months.
  • Field = Opt-in date
  • Operator = in the last ...
  • Value = 6 months
exactly ... ago
To target contacts who have renewed their subscription 15 days ago. (To send them a thank you message.)
  • Field = Date of birth
  • Operator = exactly ... ago
  • Value = 15 days
in the next ...
To target contacts whose birthday is next month.(To send them an invite to a special event.)
  • Field = Date of birth
  • Operator = in the next ...
  • Value = 1 month
in exactly ...
To target contacts who subscription expires in exactly 30 days. (To send them a renewal reminder.)
  • Field = Date of birth
  • Operator = in exactly ...
  • Value = 30 days
between ...
To target contacts between 18 and 25 years old.
  • Field = Date of birth
  • Operator = between ...
  • Value = -25 and -18 years
not between ...
To target contacts older than 18 years old.
  • Field = Date of birth
  • Operator = is not between ...
  • Value = 0 and -18 years

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