After a certain amount of time, and when your scenario is activated, you have to go back to the interface to choose the winning variation of your A/X Split. 

1. Click on the A/X Split node to open the right panel

2. Click on the trophy to choose the winner:

3. In the pop up, some key information are present

1Select the indicator on which to base your winning variation.
2Add, keep or remove channels whose results you don't want to see.
3Click on the arrow to get the details of the results, by message and for each variation.
4Once opened, the performance of each message is visible.
5The average of the selected indicator, and the one used primarily as a basis for decision making, is at the front of the line.
6Use the circle to indicate that this is the winning variation.
7A winning variation is indicated in apple green, and by the trophy icon.

4. Select your decision indicator

5. Choose the winning variation 

6. Click Save 

7. The selected variation will then become bold for reference. 

Info: If contacts have not finished passing through the variation that has not been selected, and which then becomes inactive, they will still finish the sequence and will not be stopped. Choosing a winner indicates that no new incoming contacts will be able to pass through the inactive branch.