You can now include an A/X test type node within your scenarios to test different communication sequences. These sequences are called variations. 

It is possible to create as many variations as you want in the new editor, in addition to setting them up so that it contains only one type of message (e.g. email), several channels (e.g. email and SMS), the same number of actions, or with an odd number of actions. 

A/X tests are relevant in situations where you would like to test different sequences of communications, or for communications with different content. 

Beware! In this type of test, limit the amount of changes within your communications, since to many disparities will make it hard to settle on what element made the message more successful. Stick to one change at a time, may it be on design, color, messaging, or order of sequence. 

In this way, you can evaluate different sending sequences to choose only the one that is the most profitable, based on different selection criteria. such as:

  • Click rates
  • Opening rates
  • The % of unsubscription

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