What is a seed list

A seed list is a group of contact profiles that you have tagged in order to test the versions of your various communications. 

Why create a seed list?

The seed list is very popular in the creation of personalized campaigns. It's a way to ensure that your business rules are being followed and that you're getting the right message to the right person. You generate contact profiles that match each target group your communications aim to reach, to ensure that the content adapts to the customer's behavior or profile.

Difference between a seed list and a test group

When a profile is identified as a seed list contact and targeted by a seed list group, all eligibility rules are ignored. That is, it is possible to send a message to test the content even though:

  • The profile is inactive
  • The email address is unsubscribe
  • The consent is not conform

This allows you to test all possible scenarios, including the unsubscribe process, profile update, and more. The test group applies all the sending rules, such as the consideration of subscriptions to the type of communication.

Tips: We suggest you start by creating a seedlist first, test your communications, and then send it to a test group in order to test the campaign audience. 

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