To help you set up your account, we recommend that you request assistance from your company's technical team using the support request template below. 

Be sure to replace the information in bold with your own information. 


Send the Dialog Insight technical team the list of domains you want to use as the sender address in your messages. Examples: and The DNS entries to be created for the SPF and the DKIM will be provided to you in return.

How to

Once you have all the required information, send the request to your team replacing the information in bold with your own information.

If you only want to use your main business domain, you can skip step 1. 


We now use the Dialog Insight personalized marketing platform to communicate with our customers. To optimize the deliverability of our mailings, we must make the following configurations: 
  1. Validate that the subdomain « [your_subdomain] » belongs to us (see Adding and validation a domain).
    • Download the file [file_provided] and copy it to the root of the domain server OR
    • Create the DNS entry (TXT) [provided_DNS_entry] in the domain « [your_domain] ».
      Example : TXT "upypvqb2mp35ad5u"
  2. Configure our (sub)domain by creating the DNS entry (CNAME or A) [DNS_entry_provided] (see Adding and securing a new custom domain).
  3. Whitelist Dialog Insight servers (see About Whitelisting).
  4. Allow Dialog Insight to send messages on our behalf by setting up authentication SPF and DKIM.
    1. For the SPF, if we use dedicated IP addresses, or if we want the messages transmitted on our shared addresses to be more directly attached to our domain for reputation management, create the following DNS entries:
    2. For DKIM, create the following DNS entries in the sender domains [your_sender_domains]:

Please notify us after each configuration so that we can continue the procedures.