When you open a new Dialog Insight account, you need to perform certain basic configurations to optimize deliverability.

These configurations consist in correctly authenticating your sendings (by proving that the emails sent by the platform come from your company).

The following steps describe the specific configurations you need to perform when you open your account.

Step 1 - Authenticate your sendings (SPF and DKIM)

Differentiate between legitimate emails and any spam that uses your domain (see About Email Authentication).

Step 2 - Whitelist Dialog Insight servers

Then add our servers to your white lists to ensure that your emails arrive safely.

For more information on how to do this, see About Whitelisting.

Step 3 - Use a custom domain for your tracking links

Use your domain name to customize the links you place in your communications (see About Link Customization).

Step 4 - Protect yourself against phishing (DMARC) - Optional

This step is usually performed in large companies.

For a detailed explanation, see About DMARC Authentication Validation.