If you wish to use a custom domain in your links or to host your forms, surveys, contests, etc. insteal of using Dialog Insight's domain, you must first add this domain and validate that you are the owner of this domain before using it as a custom domain and securing it.

How To

  1. Access Account management.
    *You must have an Administrator permission. If this is not the case, ask a user that has the proper rights.
  2. Under the Organization menu, select Domain management.
  3. Open the Validated domains tab.
  4. In the list of Validated domains, click Add a domain, and follow the provided instuctions:
    1. Enter the domain you wish to add.
    2. Click Continue.
    3. Choose how you want to validate the domain:
      • upload the provided file and place it at the root of the domain server
      • create the provided DNS record
    4. Click Continue.
    5. Follow the instructions specified for the selected validation type.
    6. Click Validate.
      If you wish to perform the validation later, because the file or DNS record's installation is not complete, click instead on Continue later. When you interrupt the validation, the domain shows in the section entitled Domains to validate, from where you can select it later to continue its validation.
    7. Check if validation is done.
      Once Dialog Insight can confirm the presence of the file at the root of the site, or that the DNS record has the proper validation code, the domain will be validated.
    8. If you wish to use this domain as a custom domain, see Adding and securing a new custom domain.