This procedure lets you secure custom domains that are already used in the Dialog Insight application.

How To

Check used domains

  1. Go to Account management.
    *You must have an Adminstrator permission. If not, ask a user that has these rights.
  2. Under the Organization menu, select Domain management.
    This page lists all the domains that are used in the platform. Leave them there, and take a note of all the different domains, in all sections.
    If this page shows no domains at all, it's that you have no domains used in the platform. You can therefore stop here.

Add your domain

  1. Open the Validated domains tab.
  2. In the list of Validated domains, click Add a domain, and follow the instructions on screen.
    You must repeat this procedure for each domain used, that is those listed on the Domain management page, which you have noted.
    *This step will require the help of your computer department.

    Expected result
    The Status column of the domain you just added must be Validated to be able to go to the next step. If this is not the case, check the status to make to necessary changes and validate it again.

Add and secure your custom domain

Once the domain has been added and validated, you can proceed to have it secured by adding an SSL certificate.

  1. Open the Custom domains tab.
  2. In the list of Custom domains, click Ajdd a custom domain, and follow the insctruction on screen.
    You must repeat the same procedure for each custom domain that has been validated.
    *This step will require the help of your computer department.

    Expected result
    If your custom domain has been well configured and secured, the DNS record column will show a Valid status, and the SSL certificate column will show a Secured status.

And after?

You must edit the existing links in your opt-in forms, events, contests, surveys, etc. by replacing HTTP by HTTPS.
For example:  -->


Other validations

How to be certain my page is really secured?

Each browser has its own way of indicating a page is secured.

  • In Internet Explorer, a lock is shown in the far right end of the address bar.
  • In Google Chrome, le word Secure appears in the left end of the address bar.
  • In Firefox, a green lock shows in the left end of the address bar.


Why is my browser still indicating that my site is not secure?
It might be that the page contains other non secured elements, such as images, or JavaScript or CSS files. Make sure that these elements are also hosted securely (https).