Here is a brief summary of the new features to soon be implemented.

When these new features will be online, you will also have access to the related articles and more details through the page Updates for June 7th, 2018.

Predefining authorized senders

This feature makes it easier for users to send messages by setting in advance authorized senders and reply-to emails to use in your communications, thus making sure they are always valid. Users simply have to select the sender and the reply-to email from a list of valid choices, instead of typing it.

Much quicker and efficient!

Sharing the results of a sent message to non-users of the platform

You can now share the results of a message you have sent using Dialog Insight with people who are not users of the Dialog Insight platform. To do so, you just need to provide the email address of the person you want to send it to, and an expiry date if you want to limit the access to this page. The specified recipient will receive an email with the connection information that will give access to a page of the application that displays the results.

Managing domains in self-serve

With the implementation in July 2018 of Google Chrome version 68, unsecured websites will be identified with a status alert in the address bar.

Dialog Insight has therefore adjusted its application to allow you to manage your domains yourself. You can therefore validate that you are the owner of the domain, and then secure it by adding an SSL certificate. Both these operations are done through the module Account management > Organization > Domain management, under 2 new tabs:

  • Validated domains - To add domains and validate that you are the owner
  • Custom domains - To add custom domains and secure them by adding an SSL certificate