Dialog Insight collects statistics on links clicked in sent messages, and also displays some forms automatically to contacts (such as opt-out forms or web-version messages). To do so, the links that you place in your messages are replaced by links that point to the platform’s servers. So when a contact clicks on a link, this link is first redirected to Dialog Insight’s servers (where the click is registered) before being sent to its final destination (on your site).

Initially, these replacements are done using the domain name associated to the platform – app.dialoginsight.com.

However, your contacts might find these links suspicious as they don’t necessarily know Dialog Insight. In fact, they might just wander why a link in a message sent by your company is redirected to app.dialoginsight.com, an address they don’t know and cannot see how it’s connected to your company.

To help your recipients to associate your messages to your company (which also reduces possible phishing reports), we strongly recommend that you configure a domain name to be used to customize your tracking links

To learn how, refer to the article Add and secure a custom domain.

To learn more about the various configurations to perform when a new account is opened, read the linked articles, as well as the Complete Initial Account Configuration Guide.